Reading the bible is a bit like searching for hidden treasure!

There are precious promises and wonderful words of wisdom just waiting to be discovered.  There are rich truths that we can delve into and take delight in!

The bible is so much more than words on a page – It’s alive!  The pages are packed with powerful truths that can change a person from the inside out.  It’s like a sharp sword that can cut right through all of our confusion. It’s like a lantern, lighting up the path ahead of us, as we journey through our lives.

And some people don’t even read it.

Some people want to read it, but they’re not quite sure where to start.

Well, look no further!

Hidden Gems has been written for kids -or indeed anyone, who wants to get to grips with some of the BIG truths in scripture.  The idea is simple -“Big truths – bite-sized chunks.”

It seeks to bring glory and honour to Jesus Christ and to celebrate the wonderful story of redemption that is hidden like precious treasure in every book of the bible!

My humble prayer is that these pages might help kids from all over the globe, to be rooted and grounded in God’s amazing love – and to know the truth that will set them free!