Hold Tight!


Quick Recap:

  • We have learnt that wisdom is more valuable than gold, silver and precious stones;
  • Growing up and progressing through life is a bit like building a house – we need to be wise builders!
  • Wisdom is not just hearing God’s word, but acting upon it.

All Kinds of Instructions!

It’s amazing how many things we need instructions for in life!

  • Have you ever tried baking a cake?  Chances are, you followed a recipe.
  • Perhaps you enjoy building LEGO sets?  Well imagine trying to build the set correctly without the instruction booklet – it would be pretty tricky, wouldn’t it?
  • Or maybe you’ve watched your parents battling with a piece of flat-packed furniture after a trip to IKEA.  Talk about stressful!

How many things can you think of that we need instructions for?


Have you ever been tempted to just ditch the instruction manual and try and figure things out by yourself?    Have you ever been tempted to rush through the instructions as quickly as possible?   Instructions can seem so tedious, can’t they?

But leave a vital ingredient out of a cake, and it will be an epic disaster! (I should know – I left the flour out once – Doh!)

Miss a step when you’re building that LEGO set, and you will probably have to go back and retrace your steps!

Following instructions can seem soooo long and boring, but they save us an awful lot of trouble in the long run!

Proverbs 4:13 says:  Take hold of instruction; do not let her go.  Guard her, for she is your life!”

Mountain Road

Imagine for a moment, you’re driving along a winding mountain road, overlooking the sea.  The view is breath-taking!  You can see for miles and miles.  But the road is treacherous!  It winds its way round and round a steep cliff edge!  The journey of life can be a bit like this at times, with all manner of twists and turns.

You’d be crazy to take your hands off the wheel whilst driving round a mountain road, right?  It would be a bit silly to start fiddling with the radio channel buttons whilst navigating a sharp bend.  In the same way, Proverbs urges us to ‘take hold’ of God’s instructions and commandments and never let them go!

Look It Up!

Look up these verses:

  • Proverbs 4:4-9
  • Proverbs 4:20-22

God’s Instruction Manual

The bible is full of God’s wisdom, counsel and instruction.  His commandments are not just there for the sake of it.  He has written each and every one of them as a loving heavenly father, who is looking out for His kids.  They will help us safely navigate through all the twists and turns of life.

God’s commands are a bit like road signs.  Slow Down! Put your brakes on!  STOP!  There’s danger ahead.  We should cling to them tightly – because one day, they might just save our life!

How about you?


Are there any areas in your life where you’ve been ignoring God’s instruction?  Have you been driving a bit recklessly lately?  Take a few moments to SLOW DOWN and reflect today.  Don’t ignore God’s warning signs.  His instruction is there for your safety.


Wisdom and Obedience go hand in hand!

Now therefore, O sons, listen to me, for blessed are they who keep my ways.  Heed instruction and be wise!” – Proverbs 8:32-33









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